Creative release /December 2020

Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate you sharing with me.

I’ve been making art these past nine months. I have been a very bad website host. Sorry for my absence everyone. I guess I was carried away with trying to release the expression of my feelings in my art.

Oh, and of course the holidays rolled around. I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday. The New Year, with God’s grace, will give us new hope and health in the coming months. Everyone needs to have hope and faith for us to get through these bad times. I have been using my art to fill that wound of sadness that comes with so many of our sisters and brothers either sick from or taken by Covid-19. We will get through this together.

I feel it’s time to pick up the tools of your creativity, use the brushes to paint, a pen to write, dancing shoes, crafting tools, or that instrument in the corner gathering dust. Whatever you have use it, if you don’t have it, borrow it. I think the best way to get inspired is to just start. Think of how you are feeling and just paint, write, play, or dance. Express those emotions you are having in whatever media you want and just let go.

I wish I could be with you who are alone, I think that it’s much harder for people who don’t have someone around to through things off. Don’t stay in silence. Turn on the radio, put on some background noise or pick up the phone and call someone and talk about your ideas, just turn on some music and “Release”.

I think we will all be OK as long as we have one another to communicate with. Stay safe and keep yourself healthy. Don’t forget to wear that mask, wash those hands. Yikes! Blessing to all of you. I will write more soon.

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